Want to buy any coins in exchange of bitcoin? Here is a simple guide do show how easily you can swap or buy any listed coins using bitcoin.

Steps to buy any coins using bitcoin (BTC):

The below guide shows swapping of bitcoin to polkadot tokens.

  1. New users register at https://www.mycointainer.com/signup/
    Check out step by step guide to create account: Click Here

    Registered users login to https://www.mycointainer.com/

2. Click "Buy/Sell"

3. Select the source of funds as BTC

4. Choose the asset / coin you wish to buy from the list

5. Selected Polkadot token from the list

6. Enter the BTC amount which you would like to swap / buy Polkadot

7. Click "Buy now" and you get instant confirmation as shown below

Any coins swapped or purchased will automatically get staked. This is beauty of MyCointainer platform. Users need not do any extra steps to stake coins.

Happy Earning!!!

MyCointainer has 100+ digital assets to stake. List of assets can be found at https://www.mycointainer.com/assets

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For any support, send email to [email protected]