Despite the crypto volatility and its risks, the crypto trading has gained popularity and expanded widely and rapidly over the recent times. The numbers speak volumes about the crypto adoption. Buybitcoinworldwide reveals that over 300 million people own crypto and use it for exchanging and staking. 

Indisputably, crypto trading is a lucrative investment but only for those who have a proper knowledge. Not only is it essential to acquire necessary knowledge and information about trading but also understand what tools to use for greater convenience and precision. 

In this article, we have collected some worthy crypto trading tools that will facilitate the informed decision-making process and enable you to stay ahead of the crypto game. Let’s examine and compare them together to choose the one that suits you the most. 

Charting tools

In many ways such crypto analysis tools are helpful for improving strategies of trading. The visual representation of market data provides investors with information to analyze and identify trade opportunities and predict trends. However, it’s crucial to select a cost-effective and comprehensive charting tool.

Best crypto charts

  • Coinigy

    Primarily Coingy supplies a trading interface filling up with the leading cryptocurrency exchanges which are more than 40 nowadays. Popular not only as a charting tool but also full with a lot of other assets to assist traders with strategies evolving. Additionally, Coinigy's main goal is to facilitate the trading process without cutting out crypto trading technical analysis.

      A simple to pick up and free charting tool that belongs to Kraken. It enables access to charts across numerous coins and streaming price alerts from over 10,000+ markets and top 30+ exchanges. Apart from that, incorporates various technical analyses, customizable charts and watchlists.
      • TradingView

        It is a large, well-known charting and technical analysis tool with one of the biggest charting providers. The obtained data encompasses stock quotes, futures, technical indicators, and much more. TradingView supercharges both traders and investors to make better, brighter decisions. For the delight of all users, Tradingview supplies free of charge data and also offers premium account plans for pro users.

      Crypto exchanges

      It’s impossible to work with crypto without exchange to purchase,sell, etc. Moreover the validity of exchange forms the profits. So it’s crucial that the choice of exchange relies on primary aspects; security, fees, liquidity, variety, and offered service.

      Cryptocurrency exchange platforms optimize the process of swapping digital assets with fiat money or altcoins. In fact, it’s a cornerstone of working and earning with crypto. Every crypto holder needs it to get started especially because of relatively low trading fees. The choice of exchange relies on these primary aspects: security, fees, liquidity, variety, and offered service. Let’s see why.


      When we talk about digital assets, it’s better to be safe than sorry. When trading crypto at an exchange make sure that your funds are kept safely or unable to be attacked.


      Fees are an important and integral part in all the aspects of cryptocurrency conversion or exchange. Be mindful of them, if an exchange offers too low fees, it can be a red flag that the processing time is too long.

      Liquidity level

      The level of liquidity represents the simplicity of purchasing or selling assets as well as its price. A large amount of liquidity leads to stability and no unexpected spikes in cryptocurrency prices.

      Diversity of crypto coins

      Be aware that not all crypto exchanges provide the same set of coins. Before picking suitable exchange it’s essential to analyze what currencies it can offer

      Provided service of finances

      Besides keeping and selling coins, crypto supplies a wide assortment of earning money. For instance exchanging fiat money, utilizing your own token and much more.

      Best crypto exchange

      1. Binance 

        According to Coinmarketcap, Binance is the largest crypto exchange in 2022 with its highest exchange volume. Yet, not just that makes Binance the preferable crypto exchange among traders. It also offers one of the lowest trading fees in the market — a 0.10% fee for trading on the platform and a 0.50% fee for Instant Buy/Sell. (Gobankingrates)

          A major worldwide cryptocurrency exchange that offers its customers a vast number of digital assets and the access to the effortless investing ecosystem built with its own blockchain. Besides, it’s distributed and used in more than 90 global states, supporting above 250 cryptocurrencies. Newbies love because of the simplicity and efficiency of purchasing and selling crypto.
          1. Gemini

            A notable thing about Gemini is its attention to safety and certainty. Firstly it demands customers to go through an identity verification process to diminish and avoid fraud. Secondly, this exchange tool maintains insurance coverage against certain types of losses for the crypto, confirming clients' funds are safe. Along with that, Gemini supports about 75 digital coins to enable all exchanges within one platform. The pleasant bonus Gemini provides is an opportunity for customers to acquire crypto coin rewards with the Gemini Card and spend them for the services or other purchases.

          Crypto trading platforms

          When you are up for purchasing or selling stocks it’s essential to find a suitable trading platform. All crypto trading platforms are different and not alike and it’s challenging to choose the best. And what distinguishes the first-rate platform is that it provides competitive fees and commissions. Lots of supported markets, a full assembly of tools and features, superb customer service, market research, and ease of use are the main factors investors should review in advance before choosing a platform.

          Best place to trade crypto


          MyCointainer is a useful crypto rewarding app that is your main assistant in trading crypto. The platform’s primary intention is to provide users with the finest trading experience with the most profitable exchange at competitive rates. Multiple currencies including fiat money, altcoins, stablecoins are supported and available for trade on MyCointainer. And what’s more cool than that are affordable fees and no hidden commissions for the inactivity, withdrawals or deposits. The app is very transparent in terms of pricing plans and the provided services.


          An easy-to-use platform that works well for ordinary users and investors with any skills and knowledge level. It supplies an extended variety of assets — above 70 cryptocurrencies to be more precise.

          Market Data 

          Market data is difficult and unclear. There are many determinants such as the wide range exchanges, total currency supply, average cost and more that drive our decisions in crypto trade. Becoming a high-profile investor means being informed about this fresh and accurate data and analyzing it to forecast market movements.

          Best platforms with market data

          • Coingecko

            Coingecko offers fundamental real-time, current tracking price, volume and market data analysis of dozens of digital currencies. Furthermore, it has handy features such as tracking a portfolio, community extension, major events, and so on. A great advantage for newbies is a crypto portfolio management tool.

            • CoinMarketCap

              Ranked in the top 1,000 largest websites in the world in 2018, CoinMarketCap offers very powerful functionality for conducting cryptocurrency market analytics. It is one of the most used and reliable sources with accurate market info. Many crypto owners use it to look over coins’ prices, supply, and volume.

              • Cryptocompare

                The website provides trustworthy market data info, knowledgeable articles, crypto news, tools to scrutinize and analyze your crypto portfolio. Moreover, CryptoCompare provides a holistic overview of the crypto market by supplying different datasets, social data, reports and a suite of cryptocurrency indices to help us make informed decisions.


              As crypto popularity is assuredly taking off and there are more and more new coins emerging, crypto tools are on the rise. They assist users to navigate the market better and easily monitor the movement of their crypto assets. It’s crucial to find proper tools if you seriously plan to earn with crypto. It makes things much simpler and more flexible.