So you have decided to start earning with cryptocurrency staking, but is it as simple as earning a profit and withdrawing your rewards? How much do you know about the staking platform's legal status, costs you have to incur in fees, pricing, exchanges, and regional transactions or associated financial laws that might affect your anticipated profit margins?

These are important factors that require full transparency from the staking platform of your choice. Such information prepares you prior to making any investment decisions and helps you make the best choices for your money.

MyCointainer offers you full transparency, and this guide will show you how to leverage this information to take full advantage of their services and make informed investment decisions.

What is MyCointainer?

MyCointainer is the leading, ultimate staking platform with the most-user friendly interface for easier navigation for both beginner and advanced crypto investors. It offers over 50 crypto assets and the best staking fees in the industry, ranging from 0-9%.

Based in Estonia and with the right financial licensing, MyCointainer's idea was to provide everyone access to dynamic crypto assets and enable them to share the rewards of a decentralized economy.

MyCointainer is helping projects reach a larger audience by exposing multiple assets to many users on a single platform in partnership with various top blockchain development projects.

On MyCointainer, you can seamlessly exchange fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat in an easy, safe, and transparent process that fosters trust among all involved parties.

Is My Money Safe On MyCointainer?

The answer to that question is yes for many reasons, but the three most significant ones are, MyCointainer is highly secured, regulated, licensed, and teamed with experts.

  • Regulation and Licensing

MyCointainer obtained financial licenses in 2018 to acquire the legal authority to provide fiat/crypto exchange services. Therefore, it is a registered and legally approved company which has allowed them to partner up with so many cryptocurrency projects. The two licenses are:

1. RIK-licenses to provide a virtual currency wallet service

2. RIK-Licenses to provide services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency

Additionally, MyCointainer requires a verification process before allowing you to make any bank transfers to secure your investment and prove your identity and asset ownership.

  • MyCointainer's Development Team Has Strong Blockchain And Financial Background And Expertise

The team behind this idea constitutes technologists, entrepreneurs, and creatives with a keen interest in the growth of the crypto-economy. This is meant to provide investors with an alternative way to make money with cryptocurrencies, which doesn't necessarily need them to buy and sell coins all the time in order to make a profit.

Furthermore, the team has extensive experience in blockchain technology and has also worked in the past with international banking and financial institutions to launch successful financial products. Therefore your investment is secure because it is part of a bigger plan to promote crypto adoption.

  • Infrastructure Security

MyCointainer's network is based on geographically distributed nodes in three locations globally, combined with cloud-based protection in different environments. The team also uses cutting edge technology to run a resilient network that is monitored 24/7. Crypto funds are stored in hardware wallets, while keys and passwords are separated and stored in multiple parts to guarantee high storage security status.

Fees and Pricing - How Do I Know How Much I Have Earned?

MyCointainer offers some of the industry's lowest staking fees compared to many other staking platforms. The pricing details are well documented under their pricing and fees section to ensure full transparency.

MyCointainer covers all reward-related fees for you, Including network fees (gas) and miners fees, which vary depending on the crypto asset, the network's traffic, and transaction speed. These you don't have to worry about.

There are four types of transactions/activities with fees and pricing that you will perform at one point or another, and the final costs and fees incurred will be summarized for you before you decide to process the transactions. These transactions are:

  1. Account creation and maintenance, which are both free.
  2. Deposits you make to MyCointainer through bank transfers or from cryptocurrency wallets - Bank transfers cost you a constant fee of 2 Euro for a minimum deposit of 2 Euro for all the available fiat currencies. This is except for the Swiss Franc, whose fee is 3 Euro for a minimum deposit of 3 euro. Cryptocurrency deposits are free for a minimum deposit of 0.1 units except for bitcoin that allows 0.0001BTC.
  3. Staking - Every coin has its own staking fee charged as a percentage, which is 0% for some coins. The staking fee is always indicated as part of the staking details of each coin.
  4. Exchange fees - Most coins can be exchanged conveniently as BTC pairs at a constant fee of 0.0001 BTC. The EUR/BTC pair exchange fee is 1.99 EUR.
  5. Withdrawal- This section is probably the one that gets the most attention as it means you're finally reaping the benefits of your investment. Withdrawal fee on all cryptocurrencies is 0% while withdrawal fees and processing time to fiat (bank transfers) will be updated soon for both USD and EUR.

The reason MyCointainer offers such rewarding fees is because of some of its programs. Some of their staking zero fees are directives from partnership terms with the crypto coin developers, and others are a result of membership in their Power Subscription Plan. The plan offers various privileges, including shared masternode access and zero staking fees on all available crypto assets.


It's clear that MyCointainer is well-established and in a position to secure your investment and get you started as a cryptocurrency investor. Once you sign up to become a member, you will soon realize there is much more for you to explore, and you can quickly grow your crypto and other gains.

Since you can start with as little as 2 or 3 Euro, it is pretty clear that crypto staking is an excellent investment to try, even just out of curiosity, and MyCointainer is the best place to get started.