Although we’re heading closer towards vacation holidays, our work doesn’t stop. May was a busy and fruitful month for the MyCointainer team and we believe it was an exciting month for you too. As for our part, we have managed to deliver a number of regulatory developments and bug fixes, so that our crypto community can have a much more seamless experience. We would like to summarize all developments, partnerships, announcements and even reveal some of our plans in this monthly recap.

Let’s get straight into it!

Decimal (DEL) integration


In a joint partnership between MyCointainer and DecimalChain, we are working together to provide the holders of $DEL tokens with the opportunity to generate passive income by staking the crypto asset. With an impressive annual return of ∼101.4%, holders will earn regular rewards in the form of new $DEL on our staking platform.

Deposit your $DEL tokens on your MyCointainer wallet today, and immediately receive your earnings and bonuses auto-compounding. Monitor your rewards in real time using our mobile app or desktop browser.

Soon users can buy $DEL directly on MyCointainer Exchange with BTC, EUR and many other FIAT and cryptocurrencies pairs.

Invest now and focus on long-term returns from staking the asset. More coin integrations are coming next.

More information about Decimal here.

FIO Protocol integration


FIO Protocol will be accessible on MyCointainer in the coming weeks. This will allow the FIO ecosystem to be integrated in the platform, including FIO Staking, FIO Token Support, FIO Send, and FIO Crypto Handle Registration.

The $FIO token will be listed on the MyCointainer, so users can easily trade and directly stake $FIO tokens on the platform. These tokens can be used to purchase custom FIO Crypto Handles, or stake tokens to participate in governance and earn profits.

Ready your $FIO! We will announce the yearly staking rewards immediately after listing.

AMA sessions & an Interview

May was also very eventful in terms of meetings. In total, we’ve held 2 АМА sessions and a Youtube interview with MyCointainer CEO. There we shared many insights and secrets that help our company remain competitive in the cryptocurrency industry, and answered the most burning questions about assets and digital wallets.

You may check out the full  Interview of MyCointainer CEO and Founder Bartosz Pozniak with UP Next Crypto here.

In-app improvements

MyCointainer takes extensive security measures to ensure your account and cryptocurrency investment remains as safe as possible.

  • Password: to safeguard your investments and keep your account safe from unauthorized access, we have moved the ‘Email & Password’ section under Security;
  • Fixed bug: we have discovered and fixed a bug related to the withdrawal function in the MyCointainer app and improved the mobile frontend for the withdrawal process;
  • Tests: we’re currently preparing a transaction page in the wallet with a new version of frontend and improving the execution time of crypto deposits.

Bug Hunting

MyCointainer is launching the Bug Hunting Campaign between 1st and 13th of June. With this program we will reward our users that detect vulnerabilities and bugs on our app.

Here’s what you can win:

  1. Power Max subscription for 1 year
  2. $500 in crypto
  3. $200 in crypto

Be aware that only valid bug reports can be incentivised. Make sure to get to know created bug tickets, as duplicate or similar bugs will not be accepted. A valid bug report should contain only one bug and be clear and concise, yet informationally dense. It should be backed up with the environment details and user steps that allow a developer to reproduce the bug on his side. Be our next bug hunter and win exclusive prizes. You may report a bug here.

May was a productive month for MyCointainer’s team, community, and partners but it’s just the beginning! There is a lot more in store, so make sure to set a reminder and follow us on our social media channels not to miss an important update.