MyCointainer is not only a platform that allows you to earn money in the easiest way. Its primarily consists of all kinds of people from distant corners of the world who gathered in this place because they are interested in one thing - cryptocurrencies. Meet Paul's story:

MyCointainer, Kamil: Tell us something more about yourself, who you are, what’s your background? Basically, please tell us your story.

Paul: I am a business entrepreneur, techie and crypto enthusiast since 2017. I have a master's degree in business administration and economics and studied computer engineering for two years before dedicating myself to my developing my own advertisement company in Italy.

MC, K: Why crypto in the first place? What is good for you in this new world of cryptocurrencies?

P: Decentralization is changing the way I see trade, commerce, finance, investment and business relationship in a manner I believe will revolutionize the world and that we will soon see the coming of new paradigms, with pros and cons of course, but I am very positive that benefits will outweigh the flaws.

MC, K: When you start using MyCointainer? Why did you choose us?

P: I started using MyCointainer almost one month ago. I saw it as a wonderful new project and initiative, despite the huge competition in the crypto sphere. Plus all the functionalities that I had read about on several telegram communities made me very curious to learn and try it.

MC, K: What do you think are the best features of using MyCointainer?

P: I love the Airdrop Alert section! Gives me the chance to learn about them and participate as soon as there are news about them. It's an amazing functionality that works wonders for people like me who love to know more about new projects and their gems!

MC, K: How using crypto and MyCointainer change your life?

P: I can follow new airdrops and events as soon as they happen! Also the management of assets (inside the "assets" section) is streamlined and works perfectly, for a seamless, user-friendly UI experience. Coin purchases and investments are also very easy to do. All in all I get to do things I used to before with an ease that I didn't get to to have anywhere else!