Have you ever heard of digital nomads? Well, you might as well do now as you could be on the road to becoming one of them. These are people who earn money online in one way or another, and it provides them with great convenience and flexibility to work anywhere, travel anytime, or pursue side projects.

Earning money online is a billion-dollar industry, and there is certainly a space for you and a sure way to do it. Keep in mind that this is regardless of whether you are looking to complement your income, diversify your online services portfolio, or fully immerse yourself and ultimately make it your primary source of income.

You can make money in many different ways, including through writing, product testing, marketing, and advertising, betting, investing, online surveys, the list simply goes on and on. These are well-covered topics, and you can easily find information about them all over the internet.

In this guide, however, we're going to talk about how you can make money online with cryptocurrencies. You can do this through affiliate marketing and the simplest form of passive and lucrative cryptocurrency investments in a single platform, the MyContianner.com.

Become a Digital Crypto Nomad

You probably know about Bitcoin, the first and most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Simply put, cryptocurrencies are digital assets or currencies that can be sent or received over a peer to peer network during a transaction.

People shy away from crypto for various reasons, but there is a lot of money to be made in this young industry. MyCointainer is one of the bridging sites that unburdens you of the intricacies of the workings of cryptocurrencies and enables your crypto investment to work for you in various ways.

It also has high liquidity, serves as the simplest and safest gateway to the world of digital currency investments, and is a perfect one-stop-shop for both beginners and advanced crypto investors.

The best thing about crypto investments is that they are cheap, and therefore, you don't have to worry about a fixed entry capital, unlike with stock markets or other traditional investments.

Start with any amount you have, and it is, in fact, advisable to test the waters with a small starting investment and grow it slowly until you are confident enough to take on a bigger risk.

Before we proceed, it is worth mentioning that there are over 3000 different types of cryptocurrencies, most of which have different use cases. The best way to get started is to pick one or two coins with the highest ROI (Return on Investment) and liquidity.

Crypto staking

Crypto staking is exactly what it sounds like. It involves buying and holding coins with the intention of being added to a mining pool so you can earn a profit. The amount you earn depends on how much in coins you have staked in the mining pool.

Unlike trading or mining, crypto staking is risk-free and passive. MyCointainer enables you to stake several coins that you can choose from the Asset's menu. The multiple filters allow you to view the list of coins by various categories, including return on investment, alphabetical order, and application industry (use case).

To profit from staking, you only need to pick your cryptocurrency coins of your choice and transfer them to the MyCointainer’s staking wallet. Each coin has its own rate of reward fees and yearly returns.

  • Staking and masternodes - After choosing your preferred coin, my container generates a unique address that gets added on your dashboard. Once the address shows up on your dashboard, you can start to earn proportionally to the amount you have staked in that particular coin. There is no limit to the number of different coins you can stake with and the minimum or maximum deposit. Even more surprisingly, if the coin supports masternodes and the pool reaches the masernode requirements, it will automatically be transformed into a node so you can enjoy more rewards.
  • Signing up also avails you weekly information about the performance of every coin and masternodes, to raise your chances of earning more through learning. The interface is pretty user-friendly and interactive.
  • Airdrops - Airdrops are coin rewards in giveaways and bounties that you earn if you choose to participate in individual coins’ promotions on social media platforms like Facebook,Telegram or Twitter. MyCointainer offers a crypto airdrop aggregator so you won’t miss any opportunities to get some free coins. Moreover, quite often MyCointainer hosts airdrops to keep the community entertained.
  • Super Membership - MyCointainer supports decentralization and is big on encouraging community participation with different incentives.The more you get involved, the more you access new ways to increase your earnings.

You can earn more on MyCointainer by taking part in their community participation and initiatives program, which requires an application to become a Super Member.

Super members can be rewarded with electronic gadgets and gift cards, 100% rewards from staking and masternodes and by taking part in Extra masternode shared rewards. They also get a chance to help others and their favorite coins or to become MyCointainer Ambassadors and get a private contract and a monthly salary.

Through initiatives, super members can use their stakes to vote for new coins or change in staking fees percentages, get rewards through but bounty by reporting bugs, or typos,, and suggest new features or partnerships for MyCointainer.

  • Affiliate marketing - MyCointainer will offer you 20% more in rewards if you invite friends to the platform through your unique referral link.


These are just the few two ways you can make money in the cryptocurrency industry, and once you get started, you will realize how easy, safe, exciting, and revolutionary it is.

If you are vigilant enough to immerse yourself fully into the cryptoverse, you will discover other ways to earn money online with cryptocurrencies. These include fan tokens, live trading, crypto synthetics, Bitcoin futures, ICOs, IEOs, and crypto mining.

The cryptoverse is vast, and the opportunities are many, but at more advanced levels, you will need to get more active and take time to educate yourself about blockchain technology. It is rewarding financially and fun to understand how cryptocurrencies work. The best way is to get started, and MyCointainer is definitely the best place to earn safely and inspire you to decide whether you'd like to learn more and discover other opportunities as well.