The following article was created to provide more details about growth plan of MyCointainer company as a whole - specifically in the context of MyCointainer POWER Percent.

What do you get when buying MyCointainer POWER Percent?

MyCointainer POWER Percent comes with many fantastic benefits that enable and allow earn effortlessly rewards from decentralized economies. However the most profund and exciting one is MyCointainer Token Discount & VIP Priority. What does it mean? Every month of your active subscription you will gain 1% of discount for the future purchase of MyCointainer Tokens. This is capped at 24% maximum discount that can be reached in next 24 months.  Also you will be able to by them first as the limit will be fixed.

Should you wish to cancel the subscription you can do so at anytime. Your discount will remain assigned to your account. If you wish to obtain those tokens in the future, the discount can be used for that purchase.

Power Percent includes also a set of amazing benefits that we have managed to develop and built over last severals months. Those include:

  1. Shared masternode access to all assets - Premium masternodes hassle free.
  2. Covered cost of running all nodes - Focus on your assets & rewards, not about its maintenance
  3. 0% staking fees on all assets - Out of every rewards 100% goes to you
  4. Helping with community causes - Helping adoption, developers’ community funds & more
  5. VIP Giveaways & Offers - Every month a giveaway worth min $200
  6. Rewards Match Promise - We will match rewards versus solo masternode hosting & staking
  7. Partners Superb Rewards - 6 coins pool distributed every month - thanks to our long term partners.

Why do we release MyCointainer POWER Percent?

There are 3 main reasons:

  1. To share MyCointainer with our community. We believe that by people trusting us now, we can give back much more value in the future.
  2. To grow MyCointainer faster by having more means to do so. More people & resources are required to reach our roadmap objectives timely.
  3. To speed up crypto adoption worldwide by building easy to use products that anyone on the globe can take advantage of. That's part of our mission that we wish to fulfill.

When will MyCointainer release their own coins/tokens?

We believe that there has been a lot of amazing development in crypto space and the future outlook is very bright for crytpo. Blockchain economies and underlying solutions will be the next frontier of change that will happen globally. Many various assets/tokens/coins have been trailed and tested and the landscape remains in early stage. Considering our big ambitions and the fact that we have enormous hunger to scale in various niches, launching of our tokens/coins would be very premature. We c0nstantly build and grow our ecosystem. At the same time we look and assess what type of underlying asset class would be a main currency within our ecosystem that would serve best the needed purpose.

That's why to ensure the best value for our future holders, the aim is to release fully functioning coins/tokens within the timeframe of 18-24 months (around February 2022 - August 2022). Our view is that the market will mature a bit more, few solid regulations will be implemented & our ecosystem will become of a greater scale than it is now.

As the crytpo markets gradually matures and we continue to build even more exciting products that were mentioned earlier, in our view, those dates represent the time where we can share outcomes of our hard work and huge engagement of community in the form of MyCointainer Coins.

What's been done so far and what are the future plans?

As of the day of writing, 13th of August, MyCointainer consists of more than 20 people around the globe with the business located in Estonia. 20 months has passed since the day we have launched our platform Here are some of our key activities and events that took place and will be of a focus in the next several months:

2019 key events:

  1. ✅ Business set up
  2. ✅ Bank Accounts created
  3. ✅ Obtained Financial Licenses
  4. ✅ Launched Proof of Stakes pool
  5. ✅ Launched Shared Masternodes functionality
  6. ✅ AML regulations implemented and processes
  7. ✅ Digital Wallets launched
  8. ✅ Coverage of 21 assets
  9. ✅ Registered users reach 7K
  10. ✅ Assets under management 100 000 USD

2020 key events:

  1. ✅ Developed exchange.
  2. ✅ Launched & registered Chinese trademark
  3. ✅ Launched POWER subscription
  4. ✅ Market expansion towards Western Europe, Brazil, Russia, US
  5. ✅ Registered users reach 37K (August)
  6. ✅ Assets under management 2.4 MLN USD
  7. ✅ Coverage of 74 assets

Remaining to do in 2020:

  1. ⬜ Create 5 B2B tools until the end of the year to drive revenue
  2. ⬜ Scale assets to +100
  3. ⬜ Reach 75K users
  4. ⬜ Assets under management 10 MLN USD
  5. ⬜ Prepare infrastrucutre for MyCointainer 2.0

2021 key events to do:

  1. ⬜ Acquire 100 solid business partners
  2. ⬜ Integrate 10 payments gateways
  3. ⬜ Reach 200K users
  4. ⬜ Coverage of all staking and masternode coins
  5. ⬜ Assets under management to reach 50 MLN USD
  6. ⬜ Launch redesigned MyCointainer 2.0
  7. ⬜ Improve 5 B2B tools to meet customers needs
  8. ⬜ Enable various services via API for individual customers
  9. ⬜ Further scale POWER subscription with extra benefits

2022 key events to do:

  1. ⬜  Scale further all existing solutions.
  2. ⬜  Assets under management 200 MLN USD
  3. ⬜  Further improvements of 5 B2B tools.
  4. ⬜  Implementation of MyCointainer Chain and release of MyCointainer Coin/Token that benefits holders from various activities and fees that occur within MyCointainer Ecosystem.

I hope to see you to join our our mission to create the most and fantastic solutions that change the world for the better.

Note: As always please do your own research and make your decision wisely.


Thank you, from CEO

Bartosz Pozniak

Over +15 years experience in shaping digital products across the globe & among many various industries and clients.

Bartosz spent his early professional days in creative &  marketing agencies, then moved to the clients side - mostly banking and  financial institutions.

Recently, hands on experience in helping out building  successful products for array of companies, from start-ups to +25 BLN  USD valued corporations.