Dear MyCointainer Community!
In line with our commitment to delivering a streamlined trading experience, we continually monitor all the listed coins constantly reviewing their listing qualifications. As a part of MyCointainer’s ongoing efforts to maintain the ultimate user experience, we delist coins when they no longer meet our standards or create incommensurable difficulties not worth the efforts of fixing.

Based on our most recent comprehensive reviews we are planning to delist Stakenet due to its migration to Arbitrum (ETH fork).

The recent updates from Stakenet have unfortunately made it unworkable to continue trading this asset. The removal of Stakenet will serve to improve liquidity and consolidate on MyCointainer, eventually leading to a more optimized trading experience for the MyCointainer community.

For users who are holding the affected assets, please withdraw them to other platforms or your wallet as soon as possible. The withdrawal of Stakenet will be closed by the end of May.

Note: Not withdrawing related tokens in a timely manner may result in assets loss. MyCointainer will not be responsible for any assets loss caused by doing so.

MyCointainer will always strive to publish its intention to delist a coin/token and provide a sufficient time frame before this will apply. All affected users will be notified.
Thank you for your understanding and support!