What is a crypto airdrop?

An airdrop is a marketing initiative carried out by a crypto company that aims to offer tokens to new users for free. The blockchain-based projects and developers give away free tokens to crypto enthusiasts.

As you might already guess, a crypto project does not airdrop for the sole purpose of wanting to be generous with strangers. The main objective of a company is to make itself known to the general public. The more people know about the project, the more likely they will choose it over the others.

In order to take advantage of airdrop offers, individuals must meet a number of conditions. As a rule, a crypto airdrop is distributed to users in exchange for completing a certain task. These tasks often involve:

  • Providing your e-mail address.
  • Joining the company's Telegram channel
  • Following an account on social media.
  • Creating an account and signing up to newsletters receive updates.
  • Posting or sharing one of the crypto company’s posts.
  • Inviting friends to their web pages or social media.

In overall, these actions can differ from one crypto company to another, but the idea behind airdrops is always the same. An airdrop is a win-win. It incentives crypto holders to become a member of the community and, speaking of the crypto project, it gains awareness of the future prospects and expands their network.

What are the different types of airdrops?

There are several effective ways to get airdrops. Here’s the breakdown of the 4 main methods:

Standard airdrop

This method is a part of the project’s marketing campaign and it prompts you to create an account and sign up for newsletters or updates. Once an airdrop is available, you will be notified about it and digital assets will be distributed to all the existing wallets associated in its community.

Bounty airdrop

Another type of airdrops is a bounty one, where users engage in promotional activity to receive the digital asset. The participants are rewarded after completing simple tasks, like retweeting a website or sharing with your followers about the platform’s news.

Holder airdrop

If you already have an amount of cryptocurrency in the wallets, this option is for you. The cryptocurrency project takes a snapshot of your cryptocurrency holdings on a specific date and then lets you claim an airdrop. It is as simple as ABC.

Exclusive airdrop

You can also get an airdrop using the exclusive scheme. The name already speaks for itself: this airdrop is exclusive for a specific group of people, usually members, subscribers, or followers of a website or social media account of an airdrop aggregator. As long as you are a member, you receive the free coins.

How to get airdrop crypto?


CoinMarketCap is often regarded as a digital asset price tracking website. Nonetheless, you can find many lists of airdrops and their annual return at their website.

They have three airdrop campaigns:

  • terminated airdrops;
  • ongoing airdrops;
  • prospective airdrops.

Additionally, experienced CoinMarketCap users can participate in their exclusive crypto airdrops. It is a special category of airdrops that’s only available for the CoinMarketCap’s subscribers.


Airdrops.io is an aggregator of free crypto airdrops. It offers a large amount of standard airdrops that require you to subscribe to their newsletter. You will receive notifications about available or forthcoming airdrops in your e-mail box.

However, make sure you know airdrops you’ll invest in. Although Airdrops.io predominantly makes legitimate announcements and introduces genuine Airdrops, it is always better to do your own research and play it safe.


MyCointainer is the best crypto airdrop solution designed for newbies and professionals. They strive to achieve the win-win scenario where both the customers and they can generate value.

This website offers you to earn giveaways, airdrops, and bounties and then stake or trade them, withdraw to your desktop wallet, or even send to someone as a gift. Basically, you can maximize your profits with them, as they do not just solely grant airdrops but also provide the chances to generate more coins on your balance afterwards.

Airdrop Alert

Airdrop Alert is a free assistant that enables crypto enthusiasts to locate legit cryptocurrency airdrops and gifts. For your convenience, they conduct thorough examinations of airdrops to help newcomers in the crypto world to avoid scam and fraudulent airdrops.

Generally, the website’s functions in the same way as the others. To get alerts about recently published airdrops, you simply need to subscribe to the newsletter.

The Bottomline

Despite the fact that airdrops are given away for free, individuals must acknowledge that airdropping requires a lot of research and evaluation. A free lunch does not drop from the sky and in order to get your first rewards, you must be hardworking and patient. The platforms mentioned above here are enough to get started and join this crypto pool. Conduct your own research of the favourite websites and develop the airdropping strategy you believe will work. And as always, do not fear risks. It is impossible to succeed without them.