Memecoins, Metaverse, and NFTs are all names that have been quite common in the media and crypto space for mostly the last months of 2021. Memecoins have become especially famous with the successes seen in Doge and Shiba Inu.

NFTs and the metaverse have gained traction because of their increasing applications in gaming and entertainment. Many investors have already generated fortunes from such projects.

TipsyVerse is a new project that stems from an ecosystem combining NFTs and a Metaverse that includes games and Memes. It intends to offer fun and rewards all within the same network. As seen from their existing concepts, the game’s graphics will be stunning.


TipsyVerse is a gaming metaverse where players can socialize and develop new bonds. In TipsyVerse, you can visit a VR paradise where you can get ice cold beers, champagne, and cocktails using $tipsy. It's created by penguins for humans. You can spend, live and earn only by using TipsyCoin ($tipsy), a currency which is launching Q1 of 2022.

Join a luxurious community that knows how to interact and you will create new relationships. It's a dreamland metaverse that simulates Vegas.

According to the webpage, users of this network will leverage computers and VR machines to get into this Tipsyverse. In this network, you can engage in activities like:

Trade Digital Assets

The network will give you opportunities to buy and sell NFTs. The NFTs are representations of exclusive skins, luxury automobiles, land, wearables, and designer homes. All NFTs are ranked in order of rarity and their value (price) will reflect this accordingly. You can sell each of them on NFT marketplaces like Opensea and make a profit.

Exclusive Access to Clubs and Concerts

Members get access to front row seats and VIP receptions in the best clubs in the Metaverse. Enjoy a VR experience with high-quality audio when playing Baccarat or Roulette. Game rooms are a simulation of Vegas, with complete adherence to the laws.

Explore Endlessly

The network allows $tipsy holders to embrace other kinds of activities. You can take nature walks or get into meditations, swimming, skiing, darts, tennis and other activities. It's also possible to join competitions and earn $tipsy if you win. TipsyVerse is a multi-player game that will be very exciting.


On top of having awesome looking characters, you can also customize them to your liking. Dress them in clothes, sneakers or luxury jewels all available from different brands. You can also access building materials, land parcels, furniture, and transport within this dreamland verse.

TipsyCoin ($tipsy)

TipsyVerse introduces a native coin, $tipsy, the most flagship asset in this ecosystem. The coin is mainly a payment currency in the Metaverse where players can buy NFTs which will stay with them forever, unless they choose to sell it for a profit.

$tipsy allows players to gamble in casinos and play other games. With anticipated celebrity performances in TipsyVerse, $tipsy offers users access to the best seats in the house.

Features of TipsyCoin

No Tax for Buying

Most tokens charge some tax amount when a new person buys it. TipsyCoin will not charge any tax for users buying $tipsy. This policy programmed in the project’s smart contracts will help accumulate a strong community of holders. There is a 10% sale tax for users who sell TipsyCoin. The 10% sale tax collected will be used for Passive Rewards, a Buyback & Burn mechanism and for the project’s development. With all of these so thoroughly planned, we know that TipsyCoin is sustainable.

Passive Rewards

One of the most exciting things about this cute coin is the passive rewards system. The network has a reflection mechanism where 4% out of the 10% tax collected will go back to token holders. This system will encourage investors to hodl $tipsy for long. It is simple too, because users will see their TipsyCoin balance grow automatically without having to deposit it anywhere. No new coins are being minted as rewards because TipsyCoin has a maximum supply of 100 billion, all of which are minted from the start of the project. The rewards that are distributed to users come from the 10% sale tax.

Coin Buyback Mechanism

TipsyCoin also merges an automated buyback system, where another 4% out of the 10% tax will buy back $tipsy from the market. The buyback mechanism offers reasonable token price stability. $tipsy will have good price support and protection from long bears and whale dumps.

Token Burn Protocol

After the $tipsy is bought back as per the buyback protocol, there is a burn protocol where $tipsy will be burnt and destroyed forever. As burning continues, the price of TipsyCoin increases each time. $tipsy will increase in value long-term since the coin’s supply is limited, and the coin becomes even more limited with each burn.

2% Development

Out of the 10% sale tax, 4% are rewards for existing holders of TipsyCoin, and another 4% are used for first buying back $tipsy, then burning them to reduce supply. There is a balance of 2% from this 10%. This goes to the project’s development. The funds will support marketing, development, and total long-term network sustainability.

Auditing and Security

TipsyCoin is focused on providing its holders maximum possible security. Certik, one of the most famous blockchain auditors, will be auditing TipsyCoin’s smart contracts. TipsyCoin has also completed a KYC verification and contract audit with KYCastle.

The audit looks into the project for vulnerabilities and risks. Given that a KYC audit is done, and a full Certik audit will be done, investors should not fear placing their money into TipsyCoin.

On top of the same, TipsyCoin has a Gnosis SAFU, which safeguards the token from vulnerabilities. The penguin board also takes control of all marketing, development, and other services. Finally, the network has installed an anti-rug pull feature to provide more security for investors.


As mentioned earlier, NFTs are a representation of the in-game items. Therefore, $tipsy has a real utility and will expand exponentially in adoption once the game launches. Once you connect your wallet to TipsyVerse, your NFTs will be visible and accessible. If you get a rare NFT, you can sell it for great fortunes.

TipsyVerse will integrate top VR hardware and other software like HTC Vive and Oculus Quest 2. These are already the best tech hardware available in the world. The intention is to provide an authentic Vegas experience in the Metaverse where players will feel so closely the sights and sounds. TipsyVerse will also be doing research into bodysuits, just like the Ready Player One game!

Liquidity Locking

Another exciting aspect of the TipsyVerse project is the liquidity locking. The platform locks its liquidity for 5 years, something entirely new in crypto because most projects either do not lock their liquidity, or lock it for a short period of time such as 6 months. Long-term locking shows the dedication of the team and developers to the success of the project. This certainly comforts investors.

Benefits of TipsyCoin and TipsyVerse

While the platform is barely launched, it already promises lots of benefits for its community. Among the benefits include:

  • Memecoin with utility. We think it's better than Doge.
  • Have fun while generating passive income. Feel like you are in Vegas at the comfort of your home.
  • Secure from security risks.
  • Community-centered meme coin. It has participated in philanthropic activities in Nigeria and has recently adopted penguins. Their charitable acts are authentic and have been endorsed on Twitter by the charities themselves.
  • Upcoming voting and governance systems. Have a say in the TipsyCoin future according to how much of its coin you hold.

Final Word

This comprehensive guide has looked into TipsyCoin and TipsyVerse and how they benefit the token holders. The coin intends to replace Dogecoin, while the TipsyVerse aims to be bigger than Decentraland. Various influencers have spoken about this project. TipsyCoin will set a new standard in the industry by developing a Vegas inside the Metaverse integrated with a VR and high-quality audio experience.

Based on what the network offers, $tipsy will likely be a 1000x coin in the next few years, especially after launch in early 2022. If you want to be part of this VR Vegas experience, you should start investing in the token when it launches. It is helpful if you follow their updates, especially on the social pages below: