We are still starting the year 2020 and a great number of events happened around the world. From U.S. drone strike targeted and killed Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani, to China’s outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus with thousands of individuals infected. These aftermath incidents resulted in negative sentiments as investors and businesses weigh the ability to manufacture goods and offered services among the others is the current bearish stock market indexes in U.S. and China.

How do these unforeseen events affect our cryptocurrency market? For one, Bitcoin is standing strong with $9,800+ in a bullish trend. We can say that Bitcoin has an inverse correlation in the conventional stock market and can be considered a safe haven that is expected to retain or increase in value during times of market troubles.

And this goes to show that crypto coins available at MyCointainer stayed profitable. The most rewarding coin for the month of January 2020 is BitGreen (BITG) with 163.33% solid gains. Holders of the energy-efficient proof-of-stake crypto can have the option to continue staking their coin and earn astounding passive income or manage to use it on online purchases. The future of this project looks greener than ever.

Next in line for the top performing are Know Your Developer (KYD) plus 133.62%, and Rupaya (RUPX) plus 126.71%. See the complete list of best performing cryptocurrency and check your dashboard if you have maximized your earnings.

Top 10 Performing Intrest Earning Coins this month:

1.     BitGreen (BITG) + 163.33 %

2.     Know Your Developer (KYD) + 133.62 %

3.     Rupaya (RUPX) + 126.71 %

4.     SmartCash (SMART) + 99.33 %

5.     Vitae (VITAE) + 70.90 %

6.     Social Send (SEND) + 58.03 %

7.     Particl (PART) + 50.47 %

8.     Wagerr (WGR) + 50.13 %

9.     OKCash (OK) + 42.34 %

10.  PivX (PIVX) + 33.26 %

Intrest earned on those 10 top crypto assets this month:

1.     BitGreen (BITG) + 134 BITG

2.     Know Your Developer (KYD) + 3868 KYD

3.     Rupaya (RUPX) + 2334 RUPX

4.     SmartCash (SMART) + 696 SMART

5.     Vitae (VITAE) + 11 VITAE

6.     Social Send (SEND) + 2338 SEND

7.     Particl (PART) + 0.79 PART

8.     Wagerr (WGR) + 10 WGR

9.     OKCash (OK) + 25 OK

10.  PivX (PIVX) + 3 PIVX

5 coins that placed themselves just outside of the top 10 are: Qtum, SafeInsure, Solaris, ColossusXT, and Neblio.

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