Hi, Insight Readers. Gathering all data to give everyone the monthly performance report on assets available at MyCointainer. Take a good read.

Let’s start off by saying April’s recorded reward is significantly much better than last month’s report. This month all assets moved up on a finer level of earnings, one asset had a three-digit gain while the rest of the top 10 coins increased relevantly. Gains range from 150.20% to 41.86% during the 30-day staking activity.

In the first place we have ColossusXT (COLX) with a 150.20% increase. Obvious to see that earnings doubled and made a fast recovery from last month’s rock-bottom. Congratulations to this PoS energy-efficient coin and to more partnership and exchanges to come on your project.

Second and third placers are SafeInsure (SINS) with 84.67% and Bitcoin Plus (XBC) with 82.10%, respectively. Both SINS and XBC retained to be included in the top 10 best performers for this month and last March.

Special mention to Phore and Energi as they too hold their dear positions in the top 10 for two months in a row.

Happy staking everyone! Enjoy your earned income from passive investment together with MyCointainer..

List of top 10 intrest earning assets that are available on MyCointainer Platform can be found below:

Top 10 Performing Intrest Earning Coins this month:

  1. ColossusXT (COLX) + 150.20 %
  2. SafeInsure (SINS) + 84.67 %
  3. Bitcoin Plus (XBC) + 82.10 %
  4. LUXCoin (LUX) + 81.33 %
  5. KYDCoin (KYDC) + 69.87 %
  6. Polis (POLIS) + 64.05 %
  7. Phore (PHR) + 59.46 %
  8. Energi (NRG) + 56.55 %
  9. Divi (DIVI) + 47.29 %
  10. ION (ION) + 41.86 %

Intrest earned on those 10 top crypto assets this month:

  1. ColossusXT (COLX) + 18443 COLX
  2. SafeInsure (SINS) + 514 SINS
  3. Bitcoin Plus (XBC) + 0.69 XBC
  4. LUXCoin (LUX) + 87 LUX
  5. KYDCoin (KYDC) + 3145 KYDC
  6. Polis (POLIS) + 9 POLIS
  7. Phore (PHR) + 21 PHR
  8. Energi (NRG) + 0.77 NRG
  9. Divi (DIVI) + 807 DIVI
  10. ION (ION) + 109 ION

5 coins that placed themselves just outside of the top 10 are: DeviantCoin, BlackCoin, Peercoin, Vitae, and BitGreen.

Moving along, MyCointainer and COLX crafted a collaboration to give special rewards to those members who availed the Power Max plan. Every month 50,000 COLX pool prize will be distributed.

Just imagine the amount of money saved due to 0% reward fee, then the asset made it to the top performing asset, at the same time another festive giveaways to be awarded, the amazing benefits are endless if one subscribes to Power Max.

Till then. Be safe.