Did you know that by staking yours cryptocurrencies in a wallet you could make passive income from them? Meetglipse reveals that “interest in crypto staking spiked by 65% over the last year, putting it at a current volume of 21,000 searches per month, as of last month.”

Similar to storing your money in a savings account and then earning rewards for holding it, cryptocurrency staking is gaining momentum. All you need is to find coins that are supported for staking, choose the right wallet, lock up the tokens, and watch your block rewards accumulate.

However, not all existing cryptocurrencies can be stakes and even a lesser amount of them is genuinely rewarding.

If you began to worry thinking about what staking coin is the right choice, don’t lose your heart yet. This weekly report has all the important information you need. By the end of reading it, you will get familiar with the best coins for staking and will know how much you can from each.

So, without further ado let’s dive straight into it!

What staking coins performed the best last week?

The most well-performing coin is Loom Network (LOOM). This project runs in a delegated proof of stake system for scalable blockchain applications and games, backed by Ethereum’s mainnet security.

Beyond Protocol (BP) appears to be the next leader striking one of the highest annual yields among all other tokens.

KnoxFS (KFX), Neblio (NEBL), PIVX (PIVX), and Cosmos (ATOM) have won their place on the list too, enabling users to earn the interest of + 29%, + 19%, + 17%, and + 15% on staking each coin respectively.

Speaking of Syscoin (SYS) and Kyber Network (KNC), both staking coins offered equal rewards, +10% to be precise.

Also, Helium (HNT) and Peercoin (PPC) generously rewarded crypto investors with + 9% and + 5% of weekly returns.

Top 10 Performing Staking Coins this week:

  1. Loom Network (LOOM) + 32%
  2. Neblio (NEBL) + 19%
  3. KnoxFS (KFX) + 29%
  4. PIVX (PIVX) + 17%
  5. Helium (HNT) + 9%
  6. Cosmos (ATOM) + 15%
  7. Syscoin (SYS) +10%
  8. Kyber Network (KNC) +10%
  9. Beyond Protocol (BP) + 194%
  10. Peercoin (PPC) + 5%

Interest earned on those 10 top staking coins this week:

  1. Loom Network (LOOM) + 7 LOOM
  2. Neblio (NEBL) + 0,2 NEBL
  3. KnoxFS (KFX) + 1,5 KFX
  4. PIVX (PIVX) + 1 PIVX
  5. Helium (HNT) + 0,02 HNT
  6. Cosmos (ATOM) + 0,01 ATOM
  7. Syscoin (SYS) + 0,6 SYS
  8. Kyber Network (KNC) + 0,06 KNC
  9. Beyond Protocol (BP) + 119 BP
  10. Peercoin (PPC) + 0,1 PPC

5 coins that positioned themselves just outside of the top 10 are Injective (INJ), Near Protocol (NEAR), Bitcoin PoS (BPS), FYDcoin (FYD), and Secret (SCRT).

Final word

Staking is a super accessible and safe of earning cryptocurrency no matter if you’ve been into investments before or not. It just takes leaving your crypto in a wallet with his feature enabled and you are good to go.

MyCointainer wallet is the best when it comes to staking, as it exclusively selects the coins with the highest APYs and offers around-the-clock support. Just do more thorough research on the coins that caught your eye and start your investment career.