The best place to find information and get a different perspective on one subject is a crypto forum. Indeed, forums are an essential part of cryptocurrency adoption no matter who you are. It is the place where different people from high-profile crypto investors with knowledge and expertise to newbies, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and startups that want to expand their knowledge on crypto, get some fresh ideas, promotions, or outlooks.

Forums can keep you in the loop of important updates and news that are happening in the crypto world. For instance, which cryptocurrency has a perspective for growing or the best cryptocurrency to buy or when to sell it, etc.

Want to always be aware of cryptocurrency news? Check this article featuring top 15 outstanding cryptocurrency forums and we promise you’ll master your knowledge on crypto in less than a week simply by reading articles and reports.

Crypto investing forums


CryptocurrencyTalk is a well-known and functioning cryptocurrency forum with active users. It is a place where users can catch up on the latest updates, talk over new crypto movements and get more information from respectable cryptocurrency providers.

A thriving community that has a spectacular perceptiveness to operate and earn with crypto is not the only perk the platform can offer. It also has special altcoin, debate zones, and common crypto discourse. And, most importantly, despite the cryptocurrency obscurity, the platform can provide information from the outside. CryptocurrencyTalk intends to be an informative asset where users are capable of discussing any problems without a sense of information omission.

CryptoCompare Forum

CryptoCompare has gained fame among users due to the possibility of collating and contrasting several cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain projects. Additionally, users can obtain and share information not only about currencies, and investments but also about future projects. Actually, it is a perfect forum for newbies, professionals, investors, or those who are engrossed to get to know crypto better as well as its function and opportunities.


A community that is full of enthusiasts eager to exchange their crypto knowledge and expertise. Covering all the cryptocurrency, AltcoinTalk's readers may discuss news, share trading information, confer with other users about mining and technical analysis. In 2022, AltcoinTalk is considered to be one of the superb forums to explore crypto.

Bitcoin Forum

An impeccable place to expand knowledge and discuss essential parts of Bitcoin such as trade, project development, mining, marketplace, and economics with other like-minded crypto enthusiasts. Furthermore, the forum offers to keep abreast of developments, observe different discussions around crypto, exchange digital currencies, play games and even engage with the community.

The online forum attracts 1.5 million users around the globe monthly. Primarily, the platform users’ enlighten themselves about updates and discourse about everything: travel, beauty, sport, technology, celebrities, and other stuff and hot topics. Nevertheless, the section of crypto is no less popular and you can find enough advice and new updates.


Established in 2017, it is one of the biggest crypto communities with an active group of users. CryptoInTalk supplies users with the opportunity of discussing and keeping up with the latest crypto movements and updates with some of the most reliable crypto providers.

CryptoInTalk gathers accurate information about such bases as charts, live crypto prices, and market assessments from over 40 principal and crucial communities.


MyCointainer warmly hosts crypto enthusiasts on its blog letting everyone educate themselves and instantly put the crypto knowledge into practice. You can find a handful of tips, comparable charts, and guides that can help you to set the foot in. All in all, it is a great place for those who just began their crypto journey. All the major events and updates are explained in a simple way, without incomprehensible buzzwords and definitions.


The forum serves as a place of debating with crypto traders and enthusiasts. Beyond that, it is also devoted to generating digital money. Trendri helps you research the foundations of the crypto market and consider whether it is worth it or not to engage in trading. It is a great benefit for all crypto enthusiasts.

Trendri is an exceptional forum for discerning and discovering market movements in an efficient way —- learning more about trading and chewing over crypto with other traders.


The main asset of Coinexpansion is assembled and easy to find essential information about cryptocurrency. Moreover, the forum presents an in-depth comprehension of blockchain technology basis, compares and frankly analyzes cryptocurrency and its derivatives. Overally, Coinexpansion is a splendid platform for not only crypto enthusiastic and newbies to use in 2022

Crypto Investor Pro

The platform is designed to supply a stable flood of useful and trusted information that is collected by a reliable team of blockchain technology supporters, investors, and just crypto fans. They provide either plain tech information for interested newbies or detailed and extensive analysis of ongoing market trends for more experienced crypto users.

IG Community

As with any crypto forums before, IG Community is directed on blockchain and cryptocurrency subjects of the matter. Furthermore, it’s a platform that serves news and discussions of ledger technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others, as well as anything else related to them.

Dash Forum

This forum mostly focuses on the discussion of Dash cryptocurrency and its associated technologies. Dash Forum was founded to supply financial independence with the help of Dash currency which has some benefits of easy use.

Master The Crypto

Master The Crypto is known to be a place of fresh resources and a center of knowledge full of cryptocurrencies and blockchain information. The MTC aims to break the wall of technical complexity and ignorance for a general audience. This forum publishes advantageous and comprehensible articles. So, it is very suitable for everyone aspiring to expand the understanding of crypto in 2022.

Hard Community

People with fresh ideas and verified information are welcomed to the Hard Community Forum to talk about crypto, mining and share views on PC hardware. The sublime place to perceive knowledge and news in 2022. is a world web popular place with an active community that gathers above 500 hundred topics and million posts. Without a doubt, anyone can discover and delve into any crypto subject. Along with popular crypto topics, there are discussions on the crypto impact and its forthcoming role in politics, government, and economy. As a pleasant bonus, there are discussions in over 10 languages. A lot of blockchain developers and entrepreneurs primary will head to promote their projects on


Besides helping you to acquire crypto knowledge, keep you up-to-date with the latest news, find people with interest in cryptocurrencies, and discuss issues with users, forums can be used for the promotion of cryptocurrency projects or blockchain companies. Luckily there are a wide spectrum of choices for any taste and interest. So, anyone can find the right place for himself.