Unicrypt is a blockchain-based platform designed to offer the best solutions to the decentralized finance world. It's rich with opportunities for all crypto and Defi enthusiasts to enjoy, and even currently, the platform is continually launching even more solutions.

One of the best opportunities hosted in unicrypt is the yield farming opportunity, designed to help users earn passive income while providing liquidity. The platform's yield farming options are suitable for investors, with the investor making around 0.3% when providing liquidity to UniSwap.

The yield farming option has ultimate simplicity and convenience, from login in, adding, and removing liquidity. Unicrypt integrates a user-friendly interface, enabling investors to view, track and manage the thousands of liquidity pools present in the platform.

The 0.3% fee earned during the platform's use is redeemable when the investor decides to withdraw their liquidity from UniSwap. In the farming option, the investor can note their share, number of farmers, and more details about a particular pool.

Third parties are allowed to add their pools into the farming option; Unicrypt and Uniswap will not take responsibility for any fraudulent losses made from third party pools. As such, you should do your research before investing or providing liquidity for any pool.

Unicrypt's Decentralized Launchpad unveiled

A few days ago, UniCrypt announced the launch of the first-ever decentralized, autonomous, and top scalable launchpad as a replacement of the currently existing options. Although several platforms provide the launchpad option, their use has been disgraced by centralization.

Centralization in those platforms makes it hard for investors to launch their presales. Like in the general world, a user might sometimes need to have better connections to succeed in establishing their presales in centralized launchpads.

Additionally, there are many conditions set by platforms running launchpads, which often involve lots of information and time wastage. Setting many needs and requirements creates an entry barrier for most investors.

UniCrypt's launchpad will be ending the centralization narrative by providing the ultimate alternative to centralized networks. Every Defi investor will have the freedom of using this launchpad to introduce their project presale.

The launchpad will be highly scalable, meaning it will afford many the opportunity of launching the presale at any given time. This scalability is all credit to the system's automation, meaning there are no long waits, and high-quality service is delivered.

Additionally, because of the autonomous processes involved, the launchpad will be entirely decentralized. The days of needing connections to succeed in launching Defi pre-sales are over. By introducing the launchpad, Unicrypt will have leveled the field for investors from different classes.

Soon, Unicrypt will launch other even better options to assist the new Defi investors. Possibly, shortly, Unicrypt will be the one-stop-shop for all Defi launch services.

Unicrypt Sets Requirements for Successful Presale

The platform's decentralization makes it effortless for any investor to create and list a token on Unicrypt's presale application. There are a few requirements for any successful listing.

Foremost, the user must launch a native token and set an official soft and hard cap. The setting of the duo will help when to activate the Unicrypt whitelist function.

The decision to implement the presale whitelisting depends on the presale creator and is editable anytime in the presale settings area. Ideally, access to the presale settings is relatively easy once you log onto your account. The edit presale button contains all the necessary whitelisting settings, but before the presale begins.

Another condition vital for any presale is listing at least 30% of the presale's liquidity should be locked in UniSwap.

Actively, the presale occurs in two rounds, with the first round taking between 1 and two hours. Only holders of UNCX or UNCL will actively participate in round one of the listings. The developer may choose to whitelist round one participant, but they must all hold the tokens mentioned above.

If the hard cap is yet to be hit at the end of the 2 hours round one period, the presale goes for round 2. The second round is open for everyone (whitelist can still apply if decided by the token launching). The platform sets the second round to a maximum of two weeks, within which the presale should reach the hard cap.

A presale may fail if, at the endblock, the presale has not hit the soft cap or, if, before the presale, your tokens are actively participating in pairs or liquidity pools. Following the failure of the presale, you can freely withdraw the tokens.

Unicrypt's Liquidity Locking

A liquidity locker is primarily an option allowing an investor to lock an amount of liquidity on Uniswap for some time. During the presale period, the minimum set for liquidity locking is 30%; however, the developer can lock up to 100%.

According to the platform, there are currently over $94 million locked in about 2,714 pools. The platform is highly convenient since it allows investors to freely browse through the platform and find the pools of interest in UniSwap. Giving adequate information to investors will assist them, particularly when making decisions.

Locking presale liquidity protects investors against scamming projects since, with the extra UniSwap v3 migration feature, developers cannot withdraw funds before the end of the predetermined period. If a given project fails, the liquidity lockers act as guarantors of reimbursement incases of loss.

An in-depth look into the Unicrypt platform shows how bright the Defi future is. Developers will quickly launch projects, and investors will invest with trust and information.