I assume that at this point we all saw this famous bell curve that illustrates the various stages of how new technology is incorporated into our lives: first, its introduced, next adoption gradually happens and in the end, new tech penetrates the larger market.

Technology Adoption Graph

Early adopters of new technology are known as “Innovators” and makeup only about 2,5% of the users while “Laggards" are usually the last 16%. At this point, we are assuming that cryptocurrency this new technology and the same principles and rules of adoption apply to crypto-assets as well.

Cryptocurrency the next quantum leap forward?

Let’s say it straight - current capitalization of all cryptocurrencies combined is still rather insignificant. At least when we compare money invested in this crypto business to the innovation cryptocurrencies brings to the table. I strongly believe that not enough money has been invested in crypto yet and not enough people learned their lesson about cryptocurrency and blockchain. We have huge potential linked to crypto, but not enough people noticed that yet. We lack mainstream attention.

Where are cryptocurrencies now?

We may be still in the innovation phase or early adoption phase (from our current perspective in time it’s hard to evaluate this). One is certain, the crypto niche is still very young as Bitcoin has been created only 10 years ago. We may think of the current crypto state as equivalent to the mid-90. Internet, we had 56k dial-up modems and websites looked terrible. Would you invest your money in Microsoft or any internet-related company back then?

Crypto start-ups are only starting to grow, and I’m certain that we’ll see some ultra-big cryptocurrency companies become apparent in the near future. We’ve already got almost 5000 of alternative cryptocurrencies out there. The crypto field is so crowded that overwhelming predatory capitalism will decide which coin will survive and thrive in the long-term.

Today technology adoption is faster than ever before, new trends and inventions take far less time to be incorporated into our lives. We still remember (not that long ago!) that it took decades for the cable telephone and household electricity to reach the majority of the population.

Cryptocurrency is the future

Cryptocurrency at this point already making waves, it proves that investing in crypto can be extremely profitable compared to standard investment vehicles. Especially when we consider the rise in the price of Bitcoin since the start.

Bitcoin was once worth almost nothing, then skyrocketed up near $20,000 in 2017 and now many crypto markets analysts believe that $100k per bitcoin price range is not so far away – especially considering incoming bitcoin halving in 2020.

Bitcoin is viewed by too expensive to buy now, but to tell you the truth it isn’t. First of all, you don’t need to buy the whole bitcoin, you can buy only a fracture of it. Secondly, there is plenty of altcoin with great potential to choose from.

Positive predictions for the future

So far cryptocurrencies were mainly used by non-business users. Corporate entities simply couldn’t buy, hold or invest in cryptocurrency because this sphere is not properly regulated. But this is changing right before our eyes – we have solutions like Grayscale Bitcoin Trust which enables investors to gain exposure to the bitcoin through a traditional investment vehicle. Blockchain technology is also breaking through and money pours into the cryptocurrency industry via both individual investors and corporations like Fujitsu, IBM, Alibaba or Mastercard. So I am here to remind you all that it would be good to start thinking about crypto-related investment seriously now. After all, you don’t want to be the last to arrive at the cryptocurrency revolution table.

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