The concept of cryptocurrencies is new to many investors. The majority of people are only know something about Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency. Making money from crypto also cannot go beyond a few things, such as trading and long term investment. However, we would like you to know that there are other and easier ways to earn income from this emerging space.

If you want to get an additional income, this article is just for you. Today, we are going to explain how you can earn a passive income by using MyCointainer's free bonus system.

There are two main types of cryptocurrencies by their operating systems. One of them is Proof of Work (PoW) type of coins. These types of coins are relying on miner activity. Miners earn money by participating in the ecosystem. The prime example of PoW coins would be Bitcoin. However, there are other types of operating systems in this sector which you can earn money from it. And these are called Proof of Stake (PoS) coins. And our bonus system will give you free PoS cryptocurrencies by exchanging coins.

Educating yourselves is an important part of getting good returns from your investments in this sphere. There are many alternatives ways to earn an income from cryptocurrencies and you should explore that. It's crucial for the future of this emerging industry, and staking coins is also very important for both the investors and the cryptocurrency sector.

On MyCointainer by exchanging your cryptocurrencies you can have a chance to earn free bonus!  For many investors who are looking to get an additional income during this period, our free bonus system would be very helpful for you.

But, how can you earn a free bonus from us by exchanging your coins? Let's go through this.

To earn a free bonus by using MyCointainer, you should have an account on our platform first. And don't worry, the process of signing up to our platform is a hassle-free one. You can easily sign up to our platform by using this box below.

Congratulations! You are now a member of MyCointainer platform. To get your bonus, you need to start exchanging our coins. You can choose bank transfer to make your first deposit.

Worth noting that you can deposit different fiat currencies such as USD, EUR and GBP to start your journey on MyCointainer. As you can see it on the picture, we are currently working on enabling credit/debit cards transfers on our platform. Please don't forget to follow us for future updates!

After making a deposit, you are now ready to earn your bonus by exchanging your cryptocurrency holdings. We have identified two main options for you to get your bonuses when exchanging a coin on MyCointainer. These are Rapids and Electra. By exchanging your  coins on MyCointainer's exchange partners, you can earn a free bonus. You can choose which coin you would like to get. By doing that, we would like both users and our partners to get benefitted from that. In the picture below, you can see two different bonus options. One would be 500 Electra, and the other would be 1000 Rapids.

For you, we can give you free bonus when exchanging your coins and by doing that, you can earn a passive income.  Also, we would like to work with credible partners during this process who wish to gain their presence and exposure to their audiences which creates a win-win situation.

As a user, you will always get some coins with any given exchange. However, worth noting that at least 20 EUR deposit is required to get your free bonus. By doing that, you can get either of benefits.

When you pick which type of coins you would like to get, your bonus will be credited to you automatically.