Earn 100% rewards

Let us take care of everything else.

Proof of Stake & Masternode coins combined into one simple rewarding solution

Choose your Power plan, that’s right for you:
Shared masternode access to all assets
Premium masternodes with hassle free
14 assets
Covered cost of running all nodes
Focus on your assets & rewards, not about its maintenance
Selected 14
0% staking fees on all assets
Every reward that comes in, 100% of it goes to you
Helping with community causes
Helping adoption, developers’ community funds & more
0 %
1 %
7 %
VIP Giveaways & Offers
At least 1 giveaway each month worth min $200
Rewards Match Promise
We will match rewards versus solo masternode/staking
EUR, VAT included
per month
EUR, VAT included
per month
Calculate savings
Limited quantity.
Normal price 13.99 EUR

Maximize reward potential with MyCointainer Power Plan!

Calculate your estimated savings in 3 simple steps

1. How many masternodes do you pay for?
2. How much do you pay for 1 masternode?
3. How many hours do you spend on maintenance of all your wallets?
Including monitoring, upgrades, restarts & all bug fixing.


Everything you want to know about MyCointainer Power

Invest in your future self

Power for the people, simplicity for everyone.

Only 3.90 EUR, VAT included / month
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