Block creation in the crypto world has been achieved for years with the mining techniques that started with BTC. However, mining is a cost-inefficient block release method since it needs massive machines and high electricity.

However, the introduction of staking aimed to solve mining's cost inefficiency problems since staking uses way less electricity and uses a cheaper machine. One of the best staking platforms offering the best crypto staking services is the Platform.

MyCointainer is an autonomous online proof of stake platform offering simple solutions to staking favorite crypto assets. The users collateralize some amount of cryptocurrency to participate in validating transactions. As they validate transactions, they complete the creation of blocks and end up getting staking rewards.

This platform merges a whole world of different functionalities to ensure the users earn the best rewards, foremost being the MyCointainer App.

MyCointainer App introduces a staking app dubbed MyCointainer app found in both Google play-store and app-store. The app ensures that users get unrestricted and 24/7 access to the platform anywhere, globally. Mycointainer app, just like the online platform, is user friendly, easing the process of depositing and withdrawing assets.

High Crypto Liquidity

MyCointainer merges an exchange platform allowing everyone to buy, sell, and exchange all cryptocurrencies 24/7, thus strengthening its liquidity. Unlike other exchange platforms that face market manipulations, MyCointainer's exchange platform aims to institute protocols that protect from market manipulation.

The customer assistance desk is ready 24/7 to assist customers with using the exchange platform and giving instant exchanges.

No Deposit or Withdrawal Limits

Many crypto-related platforms, wallets, exchanges, and staking platforms limit amounts to deposit or withdraw. These limits make it hard for regular and beginner crypto users to enjoy the services of these platforms.

However, Mycointainer doesn't impose regulations on the maximum or minimum value of crypto assets to deposit, withdraw, or stake. All staking parties enjoy the staking rewards by distributing them properly on their staking value.

Moreover, unlike many networks that set up lock periods for the funds they earn or stake, MyCointainer doesn't have lock periods for funds, meaning users withdraw at their convenience. When withdrawing, the maximum transaction and withdrawal delay time is 24 hours; however, transactions are processed in way less time.

Large Pool of Automatic Staking Coins

The foremost most crucial aspect of using MyCointainer is that users access shared master-node staking for many coins. Giving various coins provides the platform users' options to optimize their profits by staking in different assets with better incomes.

Since the pool staking is automatic, users staking on a particular asset will enjoy predictable earnings without having deep staking and crypto knowledge. The only thing users will do is choose their favorite investment, leave the rest to the platform, and watch as their wealth perpetually grows.

Secure Staking at MyCointainer

Many platforms pose risks against transaction details and individual wealth by sharing data and funds with third parties. However, MyCointainer ensures full protection of user funds.

The platform sets a multifactor authentication protocol to double-check all transactions. Moreover, it stores some assets in cold wallets, entirely away from the internet, to protect user assets from hacking and phishing attacks. It also merges the SAFU (Secure Assets Fund for Users) to ensure the users don't lose their wealth.

Affordable Staking

Some platforms have supernormal charges even for small value transactions. However, MyCointainer charges small fees, and in some coins, they charge nothing. The highest cost, regardless, is 9% charged from the profits earned.

More Income Earning Opportunities

Mycointainer does not offer just a single income earning option; instead, it gives users opportunities to make even more outside staking. For instance, the Airdrops functionality helps users gain giveaways for promoting a particular coin or cryptocurrency in their social network platform.

Additionally, the MyCointainer offers the super membership option aiming to promote community participation in earning more profits. Keen community members get gifts like electronics, 100% rewards, and extra opportunities to participate in master-node sharing.

Moreover, for affiliate marketing, MyCointainer gives users 20% more rewards for inviting their friends to use the platform.

Final Word

The MyCointainer platform is a new staking platform promising simple options for crypto staking. This platform introduces a user-friendly interface and a convenient staking option for beginner experts in the crypto world. Foremost it merges an app to allow users to enjoy the services anywhere, anytime, and with a mobile device.

This platform merges an exchange, thus ensuring that the coins therein will be highly liquid. Moreso, it fights against market manipulation in its exchange platform. It doesn't set limits to withdrawals or deposits or the time of doing transactions. Its staking services are affordable, charging next to nothing in some coins. The platform has been adding around 40 coins weekly to cover the significant crypto coin number of about 7000; therefore, although it doesn't support all crypto today, it definitely will host all relevant ones soon.