MyCointainer is proud and happy to announce a new collaboration with e-Money.

e-Money is an electronic payment system and store of value operating in the
financial services industry. The concept and technology is developed by Block
Finance A/S, a Danish Fintech company who are innovating new technologies
that bridge traditional financial services and distributed ledger technology.

The company vision is to create a level playing field, providing equal access to
transparent financial services, on a global scale, while greatly reducing cost. To
that end, e-Money intends to release a range of currency-backed stablecoins in a
system that is fair and transparent, accessible for all, and with near-zero fees,
instant settlements, and immediate finality. Moreover the first issuance of EUR, CHF, SEK, NOK and DKK tokens was already made right after mainnet launch at March 25th, 2020 which only proves the seriousness and hard work behind this project.

e-Money was built for global payments purpose improving the legacy banking system with a single efficient blockchain layer achieving:

  • fixed low transaction costs
  • instant settlement and finality
  • scalable to real-time global payments
  • open access without gatekeepers

More about e-Money Staking system

The rewards for staking NGM tokens come from two sources: transaction fees and inflation of the NGM token supply. Transaction fees can be paid with NGM or in any of the currency-backed stablecoins.

The NGM inflation is set at 10% of the supply annually. The inflation is applied continuously and distributed pro-rata to staked NGM token holders.

The model eliminates the reliance on transaction costs to sustain operations. This aligns with the design goals of Cosmos Hub and the Internet of Blockchains, as the currency-backed stablecoins can move freely across zones.

Services from e-Money available at MyCointainer:

e-Money staking with deposited coins:

  1. New users register at, registered users login to

  2. After login, choose deposit option.

  3. Choose 'I already have coins' and search for e-Money (NGM) from the list.

  4. After choosing e-Money (NGM), click on generate address.

  5. Deposit NGM tokens to the address displayed. The moment your deposit is successful your staking rewards will start.

e-Money available to trade:

MyCointainer fully supports the e-Money ecosystem, enabling the trade of BTC/NGM, EUR/NGM pairs with the best prices so if you don't have NGM coins yet, buy some through MyCointainer Exchange. Earning rewards begins as soon as the coins appears on your dashboard.

  1. New users register at, registered users login to
  2. After login, click on "Buy/Sell"
  3. Choose "Balance All available" and select "EUR" or "BTC" under available balances.
    Note: User can add Euro, USD using AdvCash / Credit Card or doing Bank Transfer (details can be viewed under 'Buy/Sell' section post login.)
  4. Choose the e-Money (NGM)
  5. Click on "Buy now" and done! Your coins are available on dashboard and your staking is on!