What can you earn with our new release Community Portal?

We are proud to announce the launching of our community portal. From now on, you may visit our website to find out about our community initiatives, latest news and updates. Participate in polls and governance initiatives. For those who want to be engaged deeper and become an active user and part of our ever-growing crypto community please submit your application form at https://mycointainer.com/community/

Ways to make an impact with MyCointainer community

We are all familiar with this feeling of impotency, this feeling that we can do nothing in face of the poverty, old, outdated and unfair economic system. You want to learn about cryptocurrencies and inform others about the possibilities that come with it? You want to know how technology changed the economy and gave you the power to invest and earn money passively while you sleep? MyCointainer’s mission is to spread a clear message about the power of cryptocurrencies and all good that come with this new technology. We would like to share our vision and we believe that together we can make an impact and change our reality, further cryptocurrency adoption and change the world. MyCointainer is aware that sometimes it’s impossible for us to translate our will into action. That is the reason we want to join forces with you and create a strong and active cryptocurrency community. It’s time so we all can positively influence our family, friends and people around us.

We’ve already making impact!

It’s been a couple of weeks since our Community Portal is now live, and we’ve already are surprised how favourable reception of our initiative has been. We’ve received tons of feedback, hundreds of applications to become collaborators, super members and ambassadors. We’re happy to be given simple words of encouragement from you all. You guys love the idea of powerful crypto community!

People first, share love and knowledge of cryptocurrency while earning with us.

Of course, being a super member of our community gives you many adventages: you will receive extra masternode with shared rewards, free staking and masternode service - 100% rewards go to you, a chance to win electronic gadgets and giftcards. Also, you’ve opportunity to help others and your favourite coins. For the most active community member, we have more awesome options – you may become Ambassador of MyCointainer - get a private contract and a monthly salary.

We believe in decentralization. We want our community to run MyCointainer.

Everyone can help and make an impact! Help with simple bug spotting or voting for new PoS coin we will integrate on MyCointainer. We open the doors to everyone, and you can either join our Ambassador program or help in different ways! We have a lot to offer and no one should miss it! #MyCointainer https://mycointainer.com/community/