MyCointainer is an online proof of stake platform, enabling users to earn passive income by staking crypto coins. Staking is when investors lock a number of crypto assets and get the opportunity to participate in crypto transaction validation.

After validating transactions, the platform releases new blocks and ultimately rewards the transaction validating parties. The rewards earned by investors mainly depend on the stake amount and the length of staking.

As a result of its aims at ensuring full mobility, convenience, and usability of its services; MyCointainer introduced a MyCointainer app, available both in Google’s Playstore and Apple’s App-store. This platform features three different power subscriptions; Zero, Max and Percent, to maximize and fulfill its services to users.

Power Zero

The Power Zero is the cheapest MyCointainer subscription option, charging 7.30 EUR every month. Users of this subscription enjoy unique features, including 100% rewards, since it charges 0% staking fees for asset users.

The subscription users also have the opportunity to participate in community development, as 1% of the fees earned on the platform will support the community's projects to ensure growth.

Moreover, every user has access to all premium shared master-nodes without any hassle. Shared master-nodes are better when compared to individual nodes since they are cheaper and generate higher incomes. Although the Power Zero option is quite basic, it still does not offer maximum rewards such as Partners’ Superb Rewards.

Power Max

Power Max is the second most attractive MyCointainer subscription option, and it possesses a variety of features. Foremost, it has all the features of the Power Zero subscription, only in this case, they are much better. It charges 8.90 EUR monthly and offers 0% staking fees, thus 100% rewards. Additionally, users can stake more than 200 pairs of exchange assets.

The subscription provides a shared master node similar to the Power Zero. However, the Power Max plan allows users to host two or more master-nodes every month. Another similarity to the Power Zero is that the Power Max provides a share of profits for community development. Power Max gives 7% of its earnings to the community, thus showing how much MyCointainer values community development.

Unlike the Zero option, Power Max comes with a whole world of reward opportunities and VIP giveaways. For example, every Power Max user has a chance to get a monthly giveaway of $200, meaning users earn more even when not staking. Moreover, users can make two additional silver master-nodes, 50 thousand COLX rewards, and 20 thousand RedCoin rewards.

Power Percent

The Power Percent option is the most functional and convenient subscription, especially for high stake holders. This option plan charges 39.99 EUR every month and merges all the best features from both the Power Zero and Power Max plans.

The Power Percent subscription option introduces fantastic functionalities allowing users to earn rewards effortlessly. One of the best benefits is a token discount and VIP priority.

Every month, the subscription gains a 1% discount for purchasing a MyCointainer token. The discount is capped at 24% for 24 months; thus, users can benefit before the 24 months expire. If a user decides to drop the Power Percent plan, the discount remains in their account and they can still use it when purchasing future tokens.

Like Power Max, Power Percent users enjoy a VIP giveaway of $200 monthly. In addition, they contribute 7% of the fees to community development. When compared to Power Max, the Power Percent plan shows more interest in the community. For example, here are the main agendas leading to the launch of the power percent option:

  • Encourage community involvement by giving more back to the society.
  • Accelerate the growth of the MyCointainer platform through the addition of more people and resources.
  • Accelerate global crypto adoption by creating an easy system that encourages many to use cryptocurrencies.

The Benefit of Using MyCointainer

MyCointainer ensures the staked assets remain highly liquid by introducing a crypto exchange platform. This exchange is immune to market manipulation, therefore, even the newest trader enjoys full financial protection while using the platform.

The MyCointainer network does not have any cryptocurrency deposit or withdrawal limits. As a result, users earn depending on the value of their stake, and therefore, one has to stake very high to make higher returns. Moreover, this platform's convenience allows users to withdraw at any time of the day.

MyCointainer features an automated network, so users do not require high expertise in cryptocurrency to enjoy their profits. Instead, users just need to deposit, choose their portfolio of assets to stake with and then, leave the rest to the system. On this platform, there is a world of crypto assets to stake with and enjoy maximum gains.

MyCointainer is the most secure staking network in the whole cryptocurrency world. It institutes multi-factor authentication techniques to approve users before allowing them to use the platform, to ensure maximum security on the platform.


MyCointainer is a unique crypto staking and Masternode platform that offers a world of fantastic benefits to its users. One of these is the option of choosing between three Power subscriptions: Power Zero, Power Max, and Power Percent; to add to your personalized experience of the platform.

Power Zero is the cheapest option, but it does give excellent functionalities like free staking. The second is Power Max, which introduces rewards for its users and the community. Power Percent is the best subscription, focusing on community growth and development, as well as other various benefits too.

MyCointainer's power subscriptions definitely prove it is the next-generation crypto staking platform. Apart from the subscriptions, this great platform also ensures full security, usability, and convenience for both new and expert users of cryptocurrency.