Keeping account safe is the top most priority to protect your funds.

As per the latest report every 39 seconds there will be cyber attack somewhere on the web including password hacks.

MyCointainer has DDS enabled and the funds are SAFU. However if you neglect to keep your account safe, for example keeping weak password, account will be prone to hacks and you will loose all your funds. Once account is hacked, funds can never be restored.

Important tips on your account security

  1. Keep your password with minimum of 8 letters having alphanumeric with special characters. Don't add easy to remember names, mobile numbers or common words. Check out simple tricks to set strong passwords: Click Here
  2. MyCointainer highly recommends every user to enable 2 factor authentication (2FA) for double security. If you have not setup 2FA, check out step by step guide to enable 2FA: Click Here
  3. Do not save your password online or share with anybody.

Happy Earning!!!

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