2FA is also called Two Factor Authentication. It enables double security for users account. Once 2FA enabled, every login and withdrawal , user is asked to input 2FA code. This makes account more robust.

Steps to activate 2FA on MyCointainer for extra security:

  1. New users register at https://www.mycointainer.com/signup/
    Check out step by step guide to create account here.

     Registered users login to https://www.mycointainer.com/

  1. Go to MyAccount -> Click on "Security".

3. Click on "Enable Google Authenticator".

4. Download google authenticator app if not present in your mobile. Click 'Next'.

5. Backup your "SECRET KEY TO RESTORE AUTHENTICATOR" and "SECRET KEY TO RESTORE LOGIN" (Keep it secret in piece of paper for better security), click 'Next'.

6. Scan QR code from your mobile app, Enter the code generated and click 'Confirm'.

7. Your 2FA is enabled now!

Happy Earning!!!

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