Stratus, the brand new social network with platform interoperability and revolutionary features, is set to make a name for itself by raising social media services standards.

The project has carved a niche for itself by providing social media users with functionalities to chat, share videos, and do business, all in one centralized website. It is essentially a mix of Facebook, Tik-Tok, Google, Twitter, and Youtube, along with finance-based platforms such as Paypal, Coinbase, and Robinhood, all in one broad ecosystem.

The Stratus network will be launched in four phases, with the first phase already launched. The CEO of Apollo, Stephen McCullah, recently tweeted about the launch and stirred up a frenzy among social media enthusiasts by basing Stratus's announcement on the hashtag' ending censorship'.

The expansive social media platform intends to rid users of data integrity breaches prevalent in existing social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, often leading to user data getting tracked, sold, or distributed and later used for targeted ad campaigns. Stratus does not allow any sales or tracking of info as they believe the only person who should share their details.

Moreover, the project is also developing a censorship-free environment to serve as an alternative to big-tech companies like Twitter and Youtube that continue to propagate the unnecessary censorship of ideas and opinions.

Another key aspect that Status is focused on is indiscriminate user verification. Social media communities like Instagram and Twitter currently offer verified profiles to famous persons. Users with fewer followers or aren't well-known influencers, politicians, or celebrities are often denied blue tick verification status on most mainstream social platforms.

Stratus gives users the ability to identify themselves as legitimate people via a blue tick verification module, even if they aren't necessarily famous. This pioneering feature will make Stratus the most secure social platform where every user can be sure that the people they transact, share content, or communicate with are authentic and not scammers.

Stratus is the Next Step to A Secure World Offering Freedom and Equality

Stratus cares about protecting people's right to speak their minds while also keeping their personal info kept private as well.

It is quite unfair for anyone's voice to get subjected to suppression for no valid reason. That is why McCullah and his team have gone to great lengths to create a system where everybody can express their ideas and opinions, share content, and interact with others without fear of reproof.

Data privacy is imperative when it comes to social media. A single security breach on such platforms that carry many personal data can lead to several scenarios, such as credit card fraud and identity theft.

Fortunately for Stratus users, the confinement of data secured by military-grade encryption on the security-focused platform safeguards every user's information from hacking and various data phishing strategies.

McCullah's team also saw the need to integrate various popular social media features offered by platforms like Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram into one accessible ecosystem.

This functionality greatly reduces exposure of login data as users navigate between multiple platforms. It also saves time and makes the overall social experience a lot more fun and effortless.

The Stratus-Knox Partnership

The McCullah-led social media platform integrates Knox Pay attributes, a leading bitcoin transfer platform with technologies supporting offline BTC transactions.

Knox WorldPay has a global agent network in various parts of the world, including the most remote areas in marginalized countries. These agents assist people to trade cryptocurrency from multiple stations across the globe.

The Stratus-Knox partnership will foster crypto adoption across the globe and help the unbanked population gain access to much-needed financial services.

What's more, Stratus utilizes blockchain tech to ensure cryptocurrency trading and fiat remittances are fast and secure.