Hi, Insight Readers. September ended a bit rough because most of the cryptocurrencies turned profits into losses. For that reason it is obvious that the Top 10 assets available at MyCointainer are a combination of greens and reds.

The profits from last month are far more opposite that this month. The assets last August made a three-digit gain, while this month the highest earners only had a +5.16% to +21.17% profit. Aside from all gains last month, this month showed negative results between -2.92% to -8.68% from the top performers.

This displays the reality that caution must be present in dealing with cryptocurrencies and other investments made. Regularly evaluate your risk appetite and diversity your currencies to mitigate losses.

Now going back to the Top 10 assets of the month, only a handful of assets are able to show a slim gain of output. The best performer is Rapids (RPD) with +21.17% profit. In a close match the runner ups are Bitcoin Pos (BPS) having +9.56%, while MMOCoin (MMO) with +9.55%.

Among the recent listings of assets in MyCointainer, BPS and Neutrino Dollar (USDN) proved themselves solid and withstanding the volatility of the market.

USDN maintained a spot in the Top 10 list for 2 consecutive months.  

Congratulations to all those who have shown strength during this unpleasant month. Have an investment horizon that can defend its value from the ups and downs of the crypto world. Earning passive income by staking and holding for a certain period is one of the options against volatility and MyCointainer is here offering its service.  

List of top 10 intrest earning assets that are available on MyCointainer Platform can be found below:

Top 10 Performing Intrest Earning Coins this month:

  1. Rapids (RPD) + 21.17 %
  2. Bitcoin Pos (BPS) + 9.56 %
  3. MMOCoin (MMO) + 9.55 %
  4. Neutrino Dollar (USDN) + 8.60 %
  5. LUXCoin (LUX) + 5.16 %
  6. CloakCoin (CLOAK) - 2.92 %
  7. Divi (DIVI) - 3.59 %
  8. Vitae (VITAE) - 4.20 %
  9. Peercoin (PPC) - 8.42 %
  10. Crown (CRW) - 8.68 %

Intrest earned on those 10 top crypto assets this month:

  1. Rapids (RPD) + 32258 RPD
  2. Bitcoin Pos (BPS) + 0.14 BPS
  3. MMOCoin (MMO) + 400 MMO
  4. Neutrino Dollar (USDN) + 1 USDN
  5. LUXCoin (LUX) + 56 LUX
  6. CloakCoin (CLOAK) + 2 CLOAK
  7. Divi (DIVI) + 68 DIVI
  8. Vitae (VITAE) + 0.41 VITAE
  9. Peercoin (PPC) + 0.28 PPC
  10. Crown (CRW) + 19 CRW

5 coins that placed themselves just outside of the top 10 are: Metrix Coin, FYDcoin, Monetary Unit, Stealth, and BlackCoin.

MyCointainer has just released a new Power Plan subscription named Power Percent. This offers the members the ability to purchase MyCointainer Token in the future at a discounted price. To those who are looking for a long term investment, this is the right opportunity for you.

The purpose of this release is to build value among our community. A means to establish a roadmap clear for implementation, efficiently and effectively expand the platform, and a program that is run by the community. Read more about it here.

Happy staking everyone.