This report covers the period 24th - 30th October 2021. Best Performing Staking Coins - Weekly Summary. Enjoy!

Hi, Insight Readers. Let's take a look at the latest crypto staking currencies that outperformed other assets on MyCointainer. Cryptocurrency prices have remained stable and continue to be in the green. The top assets of the week recorded average earnings between +43% and +12%, closely similar to the previous week’s gains.

SCRT coin, (pronounced "Secret"), has been enjoying the charts for more than a month now. Just from second place last week, it goes above other coins by +43.63% gain.

The following supporting Proof-of-Stake coins are: Stakenet (XSN) with +40.06%, and Cartesi (CTSI) with +28.75%.

Since SCRT is the centre of interest this week, it would be great to recognize the new releases the project recently publicized. Partnering with Secret Network, the iconic director Quentin Tarantino, will be releasing seven never-before-seen scenes from the classic Pulp Fiction as NFTs.

Tarantino says, “Secret Network and Secret NFTs provide a whole new world of connecting fans and artists and I’m thrilled to be a part of that.”

Aside from SCRT who have lived in the Top 10 list for 5 weeks in a row, Livepeer (LPT) remained for three consecutive weeks.

List of top 10 staking interest earning coins that are available on MyCointainer Platform can be found below:

Top 10 Performing Staking Coins this week:

  1. Secret (SCRT) + 43.63 %
  2. Stakenet (XSN) + 40.06 %
  3. Cartesi (CTSI) + 28.75 %
  4. Theta (THETA) + 27.42 %
  5. Livepeer (LPT) + 20.62 %
  6. Neblio (NEBL) + 20.17 %
  7. Polygon (MATIC) + 19.89 %
  8. Kyber Network (KNC) + 18.54 %
  9. Flow (FLOW) + 15.48 %
  10. Coin (CRO) + 12.52 %

Interest earned on those 10 top staking coins this week:

  1. Secret (SCRT) + 0.10 SCRT
  2. Stakenet (XSN) + 2 XSN
  3. Cartesi (CTSI) + 1 CTSI
  4. Theta (THETA) + 0.00068 THETA
  5. Livepeer (LPT) + 0.019 LPT
  6. Neblio (NEBL) + 0.16 NEBL
  7. Polygon (MATIC) + 0.16 MATIC
  8. Kyber Network (KNC) + 0.070 KNC
  9. Flow (FLOW) + 0.016 FLOW
  10. Coin (CRO) + 0.34 CRO

5 coins that positioned themselves just outside of the top 10 are: Near Protocol (NEAR), Navcoin (NAV), Cosmos (ATOM), Divi (DIVI), and Nem (XEM).

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Happy staking everyone.